Emma Irwin

Having spent the last 5 years showing at every major venue in North America, and the 5 years before that working in the Netherlands, Emma brings a global perspective, and a worldwide network, to the BE Sporthorses team.

With placings to the 1.50 level, Emma has the knowledge, and the experience, to take horses all the way from the young horse classes, to the grand prixs. She also has the capability to develop, promote, and campaign horses in national, as well as international grand prixs.

Ben Stout

With a focus on young horse development, from their first breath, to their first ride, to their first show, Ben is an expert on setting horses up for successful careers. Ben brings experience from the US and Europe, bringing the best of both continents to his young horse program.

Having started over 100 horses, Ben has refined colt starting to a science. He has mastered the balance of patience and exposure, guaranteeing the horses he starts are always prepared for successful careers in sport.